Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer Nails!

I haven't had a post in a couple of weeks now, so I figured I better make up for it! I've had a few days off of work and since the weather here hasn't been very nice, I've had some time to pick up a few new polishes and just mess around! 

For the first day of summer nails I decided to do some little lady bugs after coming across one in my bedroom, so it seemed fitting! 

I've also been messing around with my OPI - Black Shatter, trying to figure out which colors I like best.

I heard today that one of our local beauty stores is getting rid of LCN nails, now I was getting ready to apply to take the course so I'm pretty disappointed...however, I was told that they are bringing in two new lines of nails, China Glaze Nails and OPI Nails.. so far the only research I have done on these is typing it in on Google, with no luck of course. So has anyone out there in blog world had an experiences with these nails? If so good or bad? would you get them again? I would love to have some input! 


While browsing through my pictures I came across a set of nails I done a few weeks ago, I completely forgot to post them! I actually entered these skittles into an online competition (just for fun of course, on Blue Kaffee)
So here are my silver and black skittles!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Nails of the week!!

Ive been super busy the last few weeks and I have been neglecting my nails and blog, so I am going to try something a bit different!! I am going to set a goal for myself, one set of nails a week!! So this weeks nails are just a simple Rainbow tipped skittles! I actually really love this style because it is so simple yet so fun! I was going to add a few polka dots, or maybe an additional color but I decided against it, what do you think?!