Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer Nails!

I haven't had a post in a couple of weeks now, so I figured I better make up for it! I've had a few days off of work and since the weather here hasn't been very nice, I've had some time to pick up a few new polishes and just mess around! 

For the first day of summer nails I decided to do some little lady bugs after coming across one in my bedroom, so it seemed fitting! 

I've also been messing around with my OPI - Black Shatter, trying to figure out which colors I like best.

I heard today that one of our local beauty stores is getting rid of LCN nails, now I was getting ready to apply to take the course so I'm pretty disappointed...however, I was told that they are bringing in two new lines of nails, China Glaze Nails and OPI Nails.. so far the only research I have done on these is typing it in on Google, with no luck of course. So has anyone out there in blog world had an experiences with these nails? If so good or bad? would you get them again? I would love to have some input! 


  1. samantha you've got it a bit confused hahaha.
    the LCN brand of nail polish is being discontinued from the store, it has nothing to do with actual false nails.
    they are now going to be carrying china glaze and opi polish instead of LCN polish.

    LCN polish is not specifically for false nails nor is it the only polish you can use on false nails.

  2. okay well I guess the guy has it mixed up haha because he told me they were not longer doing the LCN course or selling anymore LCN products because there was new management taking over, he said it would be replaced with China Glaze Nails and OPI Nails lol I found it a bit weird that I couldn't find anything on either one, so obviously hes very confused haha

  3. well if they're no longer doing the LCN course there are other places who would, plus, biosculpture/brisa gel nails are more popular now anyway.