Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Quick Post!

I haven't had a chance lately to do any updates, but just a little quick post here before i get back to my ridiculously busy week... All of my online purchases have arrived!! I was mostly satisfied with everything except my stamping kit... I cant seem to get the designs to stick to the stamper, I have tried buffing it down a bit but nothing seems to work... i guess I will have to keep at it! other than that I was really impressed by the quality of everything i purchased! I will post some pictures hopefully later today!


  1. -did you take the plastic film off the plates?
    -are you not doing it fast enough?
    -are you pressing the stamper too hard against the plate?

    i hope one of those ideas helps!

  2. OH MY GOD! I cannot believe I didn't see the film on the plates, I feel like such an idiot... all the same, it was SO hard to get off haha thanks so much!